Ubichem is chemistry for life. Customers of the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and veterinary industries have chosen Ubichem since 1978. Ubichem delivers complex supply chain solutions. Starting with a deep technical understanding of the chemistry and biology of Life Science Markets, Ubichem follows regulatory compliance pathways to identify API, excipient, advanced intermediate, biochemical or fine chemical.

Ubichem supports global, medium and micro customers around the world and supplies from trusted manufacturers. Understanding chemical manufacturing processes allows Ubichem to match products to customer cost needs for grams, kilograms or tonnes. Maintaining consistent supply over decades supports the most challenging customer innovation cycles.

Ubichem GMP audits maintain trusting relationships. An array of analytical techniques ensures specification and performance. Supporting customer regulatory requirements, according to market sector, is an essential activity.

Ubichem Manufacturing enables customer specific solutions for chemical formulation, bespoke pack size and labelling for single or multi-component liquids, solutions or powders. This processing capability finds particular application for Complex Formulation Manufacturing. Ubichem’s speciality manufacturing capabilities add tangible value to customer operations.

Ubichem implements 360° customer service for every customer and including a 24 hour enquiry response time, a choice of solutions, cost effective products, secure sources, assured regulatory compliance, audit trail, consistent quality, pack size and delivery out of local stock, minimising customer working capital.

Taking the best from global chemical and biochemical manufacturing industries, Ubichem has experienced staff in North & South America, China, Europe, Japan and India directed by a technical sales team employed for your benefit. Empower successful innovation. Join with Ubichem.

Life Sciences

Agrochemical, Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO), Cosmetic, Medical Diagnostic, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Tablet Manufacturing, Veterinary.

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